The Flash season 4 episode 16 review: Speedster Iris; Thinker Harry?


The upcoming episode, titled "Run, Iris, Run", will see Barry's wife assuming the role of the Scarlet Speedster as she accidentally obtained the powers of The Flash. She also to kind of fangirled out in the most adorably awkward way. I call them the David Bowie shoes. "There is gonna be a really cool fight sequence between the two of us". "She understands that Barry having speed is what gets him up in the morning, and what he's passionate about". And then there was Enter Flashtime which, when the day comes for me to list the best episodes in the history of this season, will definitely be on the list. "I don't think we've ever seen two women without superpowers fight, like hand-to-hand combat".

A superhero Iris has finally arrived on The Flash. Due to a bus meta who had the power to transfer powers from one person to another midway through the episode it was Iris West who ended up becoming a speedster.

Rather than holding her husband to ransom, Iris is quick to get Barry's powers back to him by the end of the episode.

"Iris" desire to put her powers to good use were an interesting contrast to Harry's overwhelming, obsessed drive to do it. Her transformation here was cathartic, and again, I can't help but feel it's the ultimate, final apology for the show's early "everybody lies to Iris' days". She said that his wedding would be "one for the ages". Instead, it might just be the single most economical hour of storytelling we've seen from this show all season.

Will Iris prove to be a worthy speedster? And did my ears deceive me, or did Blake Neely give Iris her own hero's theme, too? "I mean, we still have to deal with that newspaper article in 2024 ... we've got to get there somehow". There were plenty of things to remind us that yes, Iris has been the leader of this team for almost a year now.

And while Iris had fun and challenging stint putting on a costume and zipping around Central City at super-speed - even creating a tidal wave, something Barry hadn't yet done - for Patton, it was a bit of a mixed experience being more heavily involved in the visual effects side of The Flash.

"The Flash" executive producer Todd Helbing said that speedster Iris (Candice Patton) might re-appear on the CW series in the future. Now, it seems like Iris is getting back to basics as she returns to writing.