The Voice VS American Idol! Kelly Clarkson VS Katy Perry! WHO WON???


He's made it through tougher times, of course, but even though he's got some soul and he sprinkles in some interesting hip-hop inspiration, it's not enough to compel the last two coaches to turn for him.

In the clip above, exclusive to E!

As for coach Alicia Keys, she told Dallas that she would have turned around for the singer, too, but her team was already full.

"You clearly know about Jimmy Buffet because you're wearing his shirt in here today", Shelton teases after referring to Levine as "Tommy Bahama" and "Ace Ventura" and joking that his shirt needed to be watered.

I applaud you for doing something scary and just coming out here and a laying out this passionate performance that connected to all of us, especially Kelly.

"Not with that shirt they not". She added grit and intensity to the song, prompting Keys to push her button right away; Clarkson eventually followed. She sang Kesha's song Praying, and it was handsome.

Livia Faith, 17, convinced Blake, Kelly and Alicia to turn their chairs around with her unusual choice of "Dream a Little Dream of Me", the 1931 classic recorded by a number of artists, most famously in 1968 by The Mamas and the Papas' Cass Elliot.

Bransen Ireland, who works as an Apple Store genius in between music gigs and raising a family, drew chair turns from Blake and Adam with his take on Don Williams' "Tulsa Time". This final episode will be the hardest, because after hitting their buttons for five other episodes of singers, Adam, Alicia, Blake and Kelly have zero room for error.

"I turned around because it's disrespectful for a someone who has that kind of talent", said Alicia Keys. And she picked Blake.

Adam also landed Miya Bass, a 28-year-old from Jamaica Queens, NY, who sang "Issues", as well as Gary Edwards, a 26-year-old assistant choir director from Lewisville, TX, who sang "What's Going On". Kelly and Blake have been putting their playful banter on full display during Season 14, which debuted on NBC earlier this month.

Clarkson raved, "You have a attractive quality that's missing in country music", adding "I sing with Reba!" Kelly gushed, before Adam admitted she'll probably be "the one to watch" in the competition this season. She enthralled the audience with her rendition of Ed Sheeran's Make It Rain.