Trump sacks Rex Tillerson, appoints CIA chief Mike Pompeo Secretary of State


On Tuesday Trump cited differing opinions on policy and a "chemistry" problem between him and Tillerson for his decision. While serving in Congress, he was a critic of President Vladimir Putin.

President Trump's decision to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday had members of Maine's congressional delegation focusing on his replacement, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and the challenges he will face from Russian Federation and North Korea if he is confirmed by the Senate.

In an earlier statement released to the media, State Department spokesman Steve Goldstein said Tillerson "had every intention of staying because of the critical progress made in national security", particularly on the latest opening with North Korea.

"Trump is ours!" a Russian state journalist declared after Donald Trump's controversial decision to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just hours after Tillerson publicly criticized Russia for allegedly attacking an ex-spy in the United Kingdom using a military-grade nerve agent.

"When you look at the Iran deal: I think it's bad, I guess he thinks it was OK".

Mr Tillerson's sacking comes shortly after Mr Trump, without consulting his top diplomat, made a decision to accept an invitation to talks with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un on resolving the Korean nuclear stand-off.

"No, I really didn't discuss it very much with him, honestly".

"It never should have been Tillerson - that was a mistake from the beginning", Pillsbury said.

"That said, leaving Gina and making her the actual director will have a very positive calming influence".

United States President, Donald Trump yesterday fired Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, barely 24 hours after the chief diplomat who had been on a tour of Africa left Nigeria. He also laced his remarks with what could be seen as personal digs at the president.

It is not unusual in the Trump administration for top officials to learn from others that they have been fired.

Last May, then-FBI Director James Comey found out he had been dismissed from news reports while on a visit to a California field office. Comey did not know whether he was authorized to take the FBI plane back home to Washington, D.C. The FBI sent him home without waiting for authorization.

Trump told reporters Tuesday morning he and Tillerson "have been talking about this for a long time", and they "got along quite well", but they have a different mindset and different thinking.

He lopped off the heads of its top management the minute he reached Foggy Bottom, decimating the largely apolitical ranks of deep thinkers and solid administrators who make up the backbone of the State Department.

If confirmed by the Senate, Haspel would become the first woman to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. He stressed the importance of a smooth transition to Pompeo.

In a statement, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee who is battling brain cancer at home in Arizona, praised Pompeo's nomination but had reservations about Haspel. She joined the CIA in 1985 and has been deputy director of the agency since February 2017.

Haspel can expect tough questions during her confirmation hearing on the role she played in the torture of prisoners, several senators said.

Tillerson's sacking caps a tumultuous tenure at the State Department. He said his formal resignation would officially take place at midnight March 31. "I think hopefully the entire organization learned something from the so-called enhanced interrogation program".

Their differences were apparent nearly from the start.

Back on TV after her White House gig, Manigault Newman recently warned on "Celebrity Big Brother" that the USA would "not be OK" under Trump, prompting White House spokesman Raj Shah to respond: "Omarosa was sacked three times on 'The Apprentice.' And this was the fourth time we let her go".

US-African relations over the last year-and-a-half of the Trump administration have already been a challenge to understand because a lot of the key roles were not filled.

"Yesterday Tillerson supporter Theresa May in her "highly likely" Russian Federation accusation". Tillerson also reportedly called Trump a "moron" after a meeting of cabinet and national security officials last summer.

"Say it again", but he boarded the helicopter before allowing another question.