White House to help arm school staff


The pipe dream of passing sweeping gun legislation met its end Sunday with the White House release of a plan that walks back Trump's support for raising the age to buy some weapons, from 18 to 21, and shelves calls for comprehensive background checks.

Trump shifted his position on age limits because they don't have "much political support (to put it mildly)", he tweeted Monday. The president and his fellow Republicans in Congress strongly support Americans' constitutional right to own guns.

In addition to its immediate proposal, the White House announced the formation of a commission on school safety. And yet, these other weapons that we talk about ... they're allowed to buy them at 18.

"President Donald Trump has completely caved to the gun lobby", Feinstein said in a statement Monday. One group of Republicans were told that Trump, speaking about seizing guns from mentally ill people who could pose a threat, had said, "A lot of times, by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures".

Lastly, the administration wants to better integrate mental health, primary care and family services programs, and the president has ordered a full audit and review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation tip line, he said.

Other polling on gun control after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, found that while the rise in support for stricter gun laws wasn't confined to Republicans, it included them.

Ivanka Trump's continued relationship with the businesses affiliated with the Trump Organization creates potential conflicts of interest prohibited by federal law and federal ethics standards as she works as a special assistant to the president.

Murphy said she also thinks the issue of guns always comes up after a mass shooting happens, but instead, day-to-day gun violence also should be studied. This part of the of Trump's previous proposals is not in the plan. On Saturday night, the president was at a rally in Pennsylvania and mocked the idea of blue ribbon commissions as an approach to dealing with drug abuse.

Lily Eskelsen García, president of the NEA, the teachers lobby, said last month that "bringing more guns into our schools does nothing to protect our students and educators from gun violence".

Since then, the president has gradually backed off the idea of gun purchase age limits.

DeVos said that "far too often, the focus" after such tragedies "has been only on the most contentious fights, the things that have divided people and sent them into their entrenched corners". Trump said. "The only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness". Last month, President Donald Trump instructed the Department of Justice to implement new regulation to ban bump-fire stocks, which can be used to increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic weapons.

The tepid steps lessened the hopes of gun control advocates that Trump would take a stand in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

The administration also confirmed Trump's support for a congressional measure known as Fix NICS, which helps local officials improve efforts to enter data into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and the congressional STOP School Violence Act, which enhances school security and affords some subsidy for such efforts.

"He's talking about Congress who actually has the ability to make law, not online polls", Sanders said.