Busquets admits Barcelona players aware of Andre Gomes problems


Thinking too much hurts me, because I think about the bad things. It is like I feel ashamed.
"Although my teammates help me a lot, the things don't work out the way they want them to work out". I don't allow myself to get rid of the frustration I have. So what I do is I don't talk to anyone, I don't annoy anyone. I think about the bad things and what I have to do. The game is still influenced by skewed ideas of macho-ism.

"Andre was very fearless to admit to his feelings, particularly in the public nature in which he did", Valverde said in the press conference. We are careful not to give out insecurities or weakness.

Gomes is set to start on the bench for the visit of Chelsea in their Champions League encounter on Wednesday. "They always are in the Champions League", Busquets said. He is not the only one. It's something which has happened to most of us. It's an extra pressure he puts on himself but I am sure he's prepared and we will help him from the inside, and the fans will help him from the outside.

Footballers exist in a fiercely competitive environment. Performances have a significant influence on self-worth, and there is little sympathy on offer when players are perceived to be living the dream.

And according to the report by Diario Gol, Gerard Pique feels disappointed by the timing of Gomes' comments and does not want to play with him against the Blues.

"Players and coaches are [generally] careful not to show any insecurity or weakness and André has done so, which is courageous, but it is not new and he is not the only one - it has happened to us all in one way or another and we have to find ways of confronting that and carrying on", Valverde added. That number is rising each year. Shifting that balance will only come about through relaying the experiences of players like Gomes, which stand as proof that emotional distress does not discriminate.