Google Assistant Routines coming soon to supported devices


For example saying "Ok Google, good morning", will turn on lights, start a coffee maker and begin playing music.

And despite some unexpected weather mishaps during CES 2018, Google's showcase at that major event was a win in the eyes of tech observers at Engadget and Techcrunch. Google has now launched Routines in the US.

Since then, it's ramped up its challenge to Amazon's Echo and Alexa's shopping tools. Instead, you get the reminders on your phone as you reach the store.

The SxSW showcase was part of the search giant's wider Make Google Do It campaign, which was developed by the Creative Lab at Google. If you live elsewhere, Google suggests you set up the My Day daily briefing for now. You can set Assistant up to read you your unread texts; send texts; get commute info, broadcast to Google speakers at home that you're on your way back and adjust smart home devices ready for when you return. All you have to do is tell Google Assistant that you want to be reminded of something when you are at a certain location.

You will be able to set up multiple actions with just one trigger phrase through Routines.

The report further suggests that the "Routines" will be made available on Google Home along with the smartphones and tablets that are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. You can't, in our testing today, say that you need to collect clothes from a named dry cleaners, for instance. What would really be useful is the ability to issue reminders to specific people through Google Home, with not only the instruction but a person whose phone it should pop up on being given explicitly.