Bayley: 'Ronda Rousey Still Needs To Earn Her Stripes In WWE'


The visit was not just entertaining for the audience; Rousey shared how much fun she had in an Instagram post, writing that the talk show host is "just amazing" and thanking DeGeneres for having her back on the show.

With both of the WWE's main roster women's champions in the ring, as well as the 2018 Royal Rumble victor, Rousey arrived out and simply pointed towards the WrestleMania 34 banner.

"[I'm] 100 percent [behind Ronda Rousey], you see the work those guys put in and people are so quick to forget [about Rousey's other accomplishments]". In addition, the former NXT Women's Champion also gave her take on how Ronda Rousey has adapted in the WWE. "WWE is what I enjoy right now".

According to Bayley, things have been a little complicated between her and Sasha Banks as of lately, but she does believe in the fact that both Sasha and herself will eventually sort out things among themselves very soon despite things being a bit awkward among themselves. And maybe that's what bothers me sometimes because I want to be the best. For sure. I've always said that I think she is the best woman to ever step foot in the ring. "But she's definitely my favorite opponent for many reasons".

Rousey, who remains a box office hit, has since joined forces with WWE and is set to appear at its headline attraction WestleMania 34 on April 8.

"I had to try to sneak myself flying commercially from Columbia to Miami and Florida is the capital of wrestling so how the hell am I going to get there unseen?" Being told that we were going to have this match was a little scary. However, Rousey said the biggest difference is in terms of her now being "part of a team" for one of the first times in her life, as she's mostly been involved in individual sports such as fighting. I can't think of the last time I was so excited for anything. "And I'd be happy to help her".