Facebook suspends data firm tied to Trump campaign


Facebook said late Friday that it had suspended Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), along with its political data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, for violating its policies around data collection and retention.

Facebook said it had now received reports that Cambridge Analytica and others had not destroyed all the data that was obtained in breach of Facebook's policies.

"We are moving aggressively to determine the accuracy of these claims", the company said. "He also passed that data to Christopher Wylie of Eunoia Technologies, Inc". Grewal says the company found out about Kogan's actions in 2015 and removed his app and "demanded certifications from Kogan and all parties he had given data to that the information had been destroyed".

"The professor lied to us and violated our platform policies by passing data from an app that was using FB login to SCL/Cambridge Analytica, which does political, government and military work around the globe". The app, "thisisyourdigitallife", offered a personality prediction, and billed itself on Facebook as "a research app used by psychologists". "We are suspending SCL/Cambridge Analytica, Wylie and Kogan from Facebook, pending further information". The investigation also put the Kremlin behind a sophisticated hacking group called "Dragonfly", which hacked energy company systems previous year to shut down the USA power grid. If true, this is another unacceptable violation of trust and the commitments they made.

The Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica in June 2016 to run its data operations.

Facebook's Mr Grewal said the company was taking the unusual step of announcing the suspension "given the public prominence" of Cambridge Analytica and its parent organisation.

Facebook's suspension of Cambridge Analytica comes on the same day David Carroll, a professor at New York's Parsons School of Design, filed a legal claim in the United Kingdom against the company for its use of his personal data. The decision was reinforced by Trump's campaign manager, Steve Bannon, who is also a former vice president of Cambridge Analytica.