Scott McTominay Gives Credit to Jose Mourinho for Development


It's set to be another summer of change at Manchester United, as Jose Mourinho looks to overhaul his squad following a somewhat disappointing season.

But how long can Mourinho not provide an environment conducive to the amount of talent he has at his disposal to get the best out of his attacking players to win games they should be perfectly able to win - for the sake of his ideals and natural instincts?

In the last few years of Sir Alex United played some very bad football, and I'm not going to lie, I found it quite boring.

"All tactical preferences aside, it is hard not to conclude that this United team are better than that, they have more invention, more drive, more joy in their football than they were allowed to show over 180 guileless minutes", he wrote.

It is nearly as if because Mourinho receives so much criticism for his tactics, he's encouraged to use them even more. Instead, he gave the nod to Marouane Fellaini, who hasn't started a game for United since they played Basel in November, which was a game that also ended in an embarrassing defeat.

Mourinho might be immediately looking forward to facing the Seagulls, but the manner of the home defeat by the La Liga side was alarming to United legend Paul Scholes. Alexis Sanchez has admittedly been poor since arriving from Arsenal, but when he's tracking back and receiving the ball in such a deep area, that's not really doing him any favors.

'In the last seven years Manchester City were champions twice - and if you want to say three times because they will be in a few more weeks - and they were second twice. Sir Alex Ferguson had left them with the instruction to stick by the new manager so the fans did as they were told and didn't turn on Moyes, despite it becoming obvious early on that he was painfully out of his depth at United. But it's still not bright enough. We are anxious. We know the fans hate the football, and we won't win the league for three or four years. But the gulf in the style of football is even greater than the number of points separating them.

"They will find players with a different mentality, quality, background, with a different status, know-how and for some reason you go to the Champions League quarterfinal like today and there are four clubs that are always there, always there. I am not afraid of my responsibilities", said Mourinho.

The squad have grovelled to the fans on social media in the days that have followed their exit from Europe but talk is cheap and the supporters want to see that supposed remorse put into action on the pitch.

Manchester United youngster Scott McTominay has hailed Jose Mourinho for giving him a chance to succeed in the starting XI.

Mourinho was highly criticised for his negative tactics across the two legs against a side with an inconsistent defence.

Mourinho's side is at home against Brighton on Saturday.

Mourinho has taken the eyes off his players temporarily with his forthright presser, and his team might feel the pressure relieved before they step out against the Seagulls at the Theatre of Dreams. Some they get away with, because they get a win.