Street vendor's death sparks riot in Madrid


THE DEATH of a Senegalese man in Madrid has sparked protests across the city, as migrants clashed with Spanish police.

Twenty people were injured during clashes with police on Thursday evening, the town hall said.

Street clashes erupted Thursday night in central Madrid after the death of a 35-year-old African vendor.

Illegal street sellers, many of them African migrants, are a common sight in Madrid and other Spanish cities.

Fellow vendors said police chased him through the streets, forcing him to run with his heavy merchandise wrapped in a sheet.

But he added that for at least the last part of the way home, Mbaye did not appear to have been tracked by police. First responders arrived to the scene and attempted to revive him.

Senegalese migrant was found unconscious on a street in the center of Madrid by the police officers. The protests spread from street to street in this centrally located neighborhood with a large immigrant population that has been quickly gentrifying in recent years.

The street vendor died just before 5:00pm at No. 10, Calle del Oso.

"The Government of Senegal condemns the violence that led to the death of the Senegalese, " Kaba said. From the city Council we will thoroughly investigate what happened and act accordingly.

When he suffered the cardiac arrest, he was with a friend who called the police.

"Municipal police arrived and chased him from Sol to Lavapiés with a motorbike", said Modou, a 25-year-old vendor from Senegal who refused to give his surname.

Spain is the third busiest European migration hub, with more than 20,000 arrivals recorded a year ago.

Anti-racism association SOS Racisme denounced that Mbaye was not able to get a residency permit after more than a decade in Spain.