The Craziest Thing About The Pennsylvania Special Election Isn't Even Who Won


"All other things being equal, wouldn't a Republican running in a Republican district do better than a Democrat allegedly pretending to be a Republican?" They apparently fell short. This was a district that Donald Trump carried in the 2016 election by 20 points. They pulled ads on their major achievement. And there's the question of whether enough Democratic candidates will vow not to support her for speaker that she can't get elected.

Speaking to supporters at a campaign rally, Lamb said Republicans had to "give tax relief to their donors, to the 1 percent and big corporations", the AP reported in February.

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press. Republicans are vulnerable even in Trump's 2016 heartland. As noted by a companion Atlantic piece, Lamb hardly mentioned Trump at all during his campaign. The President suggested that Lamb won due to his similarities to himself, not because of a broader struggle Republicans face heading into the 2018 midterms.

Saccone tried to persuade the GOP-leaning electorate that their choice was about "making America great again", as Trump repeatedly says.

Mr Lamb ran a local driven campaign, abandoning some of the national policies for Democrats on gun control, tweaking his stance on abortion, and declining support for House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

A Democratic activist who spoke to Lamb said the candidate had told him that he did not recall posting the comment.

Saccone's support for anti-union right-to-work laws turned out to be a vulnerability and organized labor was a key component of Lamb's formidable effort. A former Marine respecting the Office of the President is not an anomaly.

Republican Rick Saccone, should he still have a political future after apparently failing to win what had been a safe Republican district, might try for the seat in the newly drawn 14th District. They trotted out the argument that Lamb won because he ran a "Trump" campaign.

Douglas Heye

The new 17th district includes Beaver county, and parts of Butler and Allegheny counties.

What changed? Lamb won, or at least seemed to eke out a narrow victory on election night. The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan handicapping site, moved 9 races in Democrats' favor on Friday as well.

The website Daily World Update said in a story circulating on social media that a judge identified as Marshawn Little of the 45th Federal Appeals Court of Westmoreland County cancelled the results because they were "tainted beyond reproach". Saccone isn't yielding the race, even as pundits are saying it would be almost impossible for him to win based on the number of absentee and provisional ballots remaining. That word "legal" revealed how far the party has sunk to Trumpian levels: Trying to cover up a humiliation, the GOP intimated that any loss would be the result of illegitimately cast ballots.

That would be blue collar, middle-class working people.

Lamb did not love the tax cuts.

"Because you do need the right candidate, have you heard about that?"

Those very voters who fell for Trump's populist allure, who felt their voices no longer were being heard - or much mattered - in Washington, D.C. And we've seen in one contest after another how lethal he is to his party.