Lindsay Lohan is the Shining Star of


In an ad for that dropped Tuesday (watch below), Lohan joked that she thought she was in trouble when she was contacted by the service, which provides a free lawyer search tool and "legal protection plans" for a monthly fee.

She's now the spokesperson for

"But when they asked me to be their spokesperson, I was intrigued", she said.

Aside from her acting career, Lindsay is also known for her run-ins with the law which makes this collaboration all the more confusing - a point she jokingly addresses herself. After meeting with the team, I realized is just about helping people.

And while the commercial was obviously entertainment enough, we're also delighted to see how good Lindsay looked after returning to her famously red hair.

For nearly a decade, Lindsay Lohan's court drama reigned supreme in gossip columns and on entertainment news programs, infiltrating water cooler talk for months on end. From getting a DUI ¿ let's not pretend I didn't get one. "I've used for business ventures and found the response time and lawyer selection fantastic".

Lohan spent several years battling legal troubles and she took a break from the spotlight following two DUI incidents, jail time, and three spells in rehab facilities. It additionally reveals that "her compensation includes a substantial option ownership position in the company".

Lindsay Lohan was one of the biggest stars of the late 90s and early 00s.