Richard Sherman explains why he negotiated his 49ers contract without an agent


"I think the thing I'm most frustrated about is all the people that were so high on bashing this deal refuse to bash the agents that do bad deals every year", Sherman added. "He got absolutely crushed on this contract while working as his own agent", Thomas tweeted. And then there are some agents who negotiate a deal in 2006 and don't talk to their client again until 2010, and that's the thing we're trying to avoid and I'm trying to avoid. "I felt like I knew contracts well enough and I felt like coming off the Achilles (injury), there's going to be negotiation points, there's going to be give and takes on both sides, and I felt comfortable with that".

That motivation - the desire to stick it to the Seahawks - wasn't the biggest reason for Sherman signing with the 49ers, though.

Sherman responded to the critics in a piece for The Players' Tribune on Tuesday. Initially, reports surrounding Sherman's incentive-laden three-year contract with the 49ers indicated he would have to be available for training camp in late July to receive a $2 million roster bonus.

"If you're comparing it to my last deal in Seattle, I had no money guaranteed, so if I'm basing it off just going off my a year ago in Seattle, and you compare it to it, I got no money guaranteed". What security do I have there?.

"Does anyone", York began, "want to see me and Richard Sherman unblock each other on Twitter?"

"When John Schneider told me that Seattle was going to release me, he asked me to bring any contract offer I got from another team back to him so that the Seahawks could have an opportunity to match it", Sherman wrote. In a world where players get routinely criticized for allowing agents to command eye-watering amounts of money from their franchises, he was accused of signing a deal that was too team friendly. "There are some people that are cut from a different cloth and built from different things and I think I'm one of those people". With this deal, I get $5 million guaranteed, which is half of my other contract. $5 million for just signing the contract and passing a physical is a big win for me.

Simply put: If Sherman plays as well as he believes he's capable of playing, he'll make more money than he would have if he had settled for a more traditional deal.

Sherman said he has heard from "a lot" of players around the league who intend to negotiate their own contracts.

While Sherman wrote in the piece that he didn't realize it at the time, his Seahawks career effectively ended when he ruptured his Achilles in a November game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Sherman said he did not take the decision lightly and before sitting down with the 49ers he read through copies of past contracts in the NFLPA database and sought help from the union to study the language and structure of contracts.

"I think more of our players are", he said. I've played well in this scheme. The free-agent safety, who spent the past five seasons with the 49ers, has yet to sign with a new team nearly a week into free agency.

"I think that's my job and I take that responsibility seriously". "'This guy came back like this, this guy came back like that, '" Sherman said. Late in the 2016 season, Sherman made unwanted headlines by screaming at offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on the sideline for a play call he made near the end zone.

"So there is concern there because you would think a player of his caliber and his quality would be picked up by now".

Sherman added: "I have no regrets about my time in Seattle - only great memories of incredible fans, and of teammates who will be my brothers for life".