HTC's standalone Vive Focus VR headset will ship globally in 2018


The company has confirmed that it's making Vive Focus developer kits available to registered developers in most countries starting today.

With the Vive Focus, HTC is attempting to bring VR to a wider audience, and in particular the mainstream market.

Built on the Vive Wave open development platform, the Vive Focus is a standalone headset in that it doesn't rely on a tethered PC connection or external sensors. HTC was supposed to be the first to market with a standalone Daydream headset, but at some point during development, the company reversed course and abandoned its agreement with Google. The Vive Focus features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 2880x1600 75Hz AMOLED display, and inside-out 6-degrees of freedom spatial tracking to provide a fully-untethered world-scale VR experience. We'll have more VIVE Focus information for you once HTC shares it, so stay tuned.

At launch, the Focus will have access to a vast library of already developed VR content available on Viveport and also will be able to access a multitude of VR games and entertainment accessible through Valve Corp.'s Steam VR. It's not yet known what the Western market price for this product will be when it arrives internationally. This is to be expected, and the HTC Vive Focus VR headset is still shaping up to be an exceptional performer - especially considering you don't need any additional gear to get started.

Power that quickly & efficiently supports extraordinary mobile experiences. Although the latter has a lower installed base than mobile setups, it has a higher revenue potential per user. Viveport continues to be the best platform for VR developers, and this rev-share opportunity is just another way in which we are empowering developers to create the best VR content, not matter what hardware device.