Introducing The Classic Mini Electric: Combining Old With The New


The automaker released images of the Electric MINI that has been fully restored to its original glory.

An all-electric version of the original Mini was on display at the NYC motor show, to display the brand's future EV plan.

The upcoming Mini Electric takes the iconic look of the classic Mini racer and combines it with an electric drivetrain for "tomorrow's urban mobility". Designers also installed hood stripes and an assortment of yellow MINI Electric badges on the hood, wheel caps and trunk. The automaker has swapped the original four-cylinder petrol engine for an electric motor and battery pack. Perhaps this is why the company didn't bother giving any important details on the auto. But the one-off classic Mini packing an electric powertrain is an interesting concept and we want one too. The auto also wears the new yellow electric badge on its hood in the brand emblem and on the wheel hubs. The spontaneous power of its electric motor provides a new dimension to the unmistakable go-kart feeling that helped propel the British small vehicle in its original form to worldwide popularity. The all-electric model is due to be launched in 2019, in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the classic Mini.

The fully electric production vehicle is now in development, based on the Mini 3 Door, and will be produced for the first time at Mini Plant Oxford next year. That will be a three-door Cooper, manufactured at the carmaker's Oxford facility. The wait won't be over for a while yet, but in the meantime the company has converted one of its classic models to run on electricity.

Meanwhile, the company's mass-market Mini Coopers aren't expected to be with us until 2019. "It is the answer to current challenges, as the original Mini was in 1959".