Ubisoft Opening New Winnipeg Studio Comprised Of AAA Dev Teams


The Manitoba-based studio's goal, according to Long, is to help with the development of Ubisoft's AAA games, particularly when it comes to building open words.

Ubisoft Winnipeg is expected to grow to a headcount of 100 people within five years, representing an investment of $35 million in the province.

The new studio now has just a single employee, Managing Director Darryl Long. "We have had previous successes on this on past projects by identifying bottlenecks in the world creation and iteration pipelines and streamlining these processes". There are now over 30 operating studios in 18 countries including offices in other Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax.

Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Canadian Studios, noted that it's critical Ubisoft developers have access to the "best tech" to adapt to the "fast-paced" and "highly competitive market".

Ubisoft announced their plans for a new phase in the company's Canadian expansion, Ubisoft Winnipeg. Ubisoft's presence in Winnipeg gives the already major tech sector of Canada a major boost. "With its thriving local techno-creative industry, and innovative university and college programs that combine creative arts, IT, and computer science, Winnipeg is truly a hidden gem for talent in the video game industry", said Darryl Long, managing director of Ubisoft Winnipeg.

Friday, Ubisoft announced it chose Winnipeg as its 30th location.

"This is a great example of the work of Team Manitoba - a joint initiative of the Manitoba government, the City of Winnipeg, Economic Development Winnipeg and Yes!" These are some of the Ubisoft franchises that video game players from all over the world have loved for years now.