5 ways Google is changing Gmail


This is still Gmail as it is now, but inspired by Google's Material Design language that emphasizes clean and minimalist lines, contrasting against bold graphics.

The latter is the view that's closest to the existing Gmail design, according to The Verge, which obtained these screenshots from a preview of the new design. Here's what you need to know. After all, Gmail has looked the same for years.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named Sahil Bhutani has shared a sketch of what possibility can be the new Gmail interface. At least, not yet we aren't.

Google hasn't yet confirmed about this new design. Google has provided information related to new design and possible features to its G Suite administrators recently.

The new Gmail design is now being tested inside of Google and with trusted partners. However, the leaker was able to seize a screenshot of the email content.

If you're a fan of the current Gmail template, you don't have to worry! The three options include a default view that highlights attachments, a comfortable view that does not highlight those attachments and a compact view that is nearly the same as the current Gmail design (for those who don't like change).

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What is Gmail Adding to its Layout?

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Gmail this week.

When the EAP is finally made available it will introduce "a new design for the Gmail web interface, as well as several new features". What does the snooze feature do? According to the report, copy and paste and printing are not allowed in this mode.

Aside from appearance, Google is implementing smart replies for Gmail on the web. Smart replies suggested users with quick responses to messages so as to save time while you're occupied with something else.

Confidential Mode feature in Gmail for Web.

The sidebar, an optional tool, can show your calendar, notes from Google Keep or your tasks, depending on your preference.