Apple will fix Series 2 watch batteries for free


Apple is now offering Apple Watch Series 2 models with expanded batteries or which are having troubling turning on.

Good news for Apple Watch Series 2 owners: Apple has revised its service policy, introducing a clause that entitles 42mm variants for a free fix. According to a leaked internal document, the new Apple Watch service program started yesterday. Repairs are available to owners up to three years after their purchase date, even if they didn't purchase Apple's extended warranty.

The program is limited to 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 variants, suggesting the same battery issues are not as prevalent on 38mm models.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is considerably old and for some users, the wearable's battery expands. If your device falls into a certain category after a physical device assessment, Apple will fix the device for free. If you own the Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 3, unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply for free repairs.

Apple implemented a similar policy regarding those as well.

The repairs will be free of charge for Series 2 watches that will not power on due to the battery swelling. Apple notes, however, that all models will be subject to a "visual-mechanic" inspection prior to service. In some cases, a defective battery is preventing the Apple Watch from powering on, and in other instances customers are complaining about their timepieces expanding, with a swollen battery pushing against the chassis.

Apple specified in the memo that units unable to power on, or experiencing hardware defects, as a result of battery swelling are eligible for the free fix. Let us know in the comments.