More Than 200 Cities Around The Globe Held "March For Science" Rallies


This was the second March for Science, which debuted previous year as part of more than 600 coordinated events across the planet.

Scientists, academicians and students in several cities on Saturday organised marches in several cities in the country, including Delhi to protect against Narendra Modi government's "anti-science policies and decisions being taken without caring about scientific evidence or the opinion of the scientific community".

Saturday's crowds were notably smaller than those that showed up for the first march in April 2017, but attendees expressed as much optimism and hope as they did past year.

People can also help by becoming citizen scientists and engaging in scientific research themselves, Cigliano said.

Protesters at Saskatoon's March for Science gathered at the Chinese Ting in Victoria Park before marching through downtown to bring awareness to the need for scientific and evidence based approaches to policy making on April 14, 2018.

"We can not make decisions unless we know the truth and we know the facts".

"We're here because no one wants to be led by the gut feelings of our elected officials", Sheila Jasanoff, a professor of science and technology studies at Harvard, said in Washington. Education should not be limited to scientists, she said. "It's not just about investment in's about stipulation to fact, to truth, to knowledge, to science".

Many speakers directed their ire toward the President and the Republican party, voicing their opposition to budget proposals by the Trump administration that would cut billions from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.