Beijing bound flight diverted as passenger holds a crew member hostage


This unscheduled landing was made as a passenger on board threatened a flight attendant with a fountain pen, as informed by China's civil aviation authority.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said the man used a pen to threaten the crew member. One of the passengers tried to injure the flight attendant with a ballpoint pen during the flight, marks the channel.

Air China flight CA1350 reportedly took off from Changsha, Central China's Hunan Province. It said only that "the matter was successfully handled" by 1:17 p.m., but did not provide any details.

Chinese police said the 41-year-old passenger arrested in the incident had a "history of mental illness", the news agency reported.

The aircraft was also intact and another plane was sent to Zhengzhou to take the passengers to Beijing, Air China said on its social media account.

According to the aviation authorities, by 13.17 local time the situation was settled.

The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald quoted a passenger as saying that the disturbance occurred in the first or business class cabins, but that the curtains separating those sections from economy class were pulled tightly shut.

Nobody was hurt in the incident and another plane was sent so the passengers could resume their journey.

She said she had looked out of the window and to see police cars, ambulances and fire engines outside the plane as it landed.