Buhari gives self pass mark, says ''We've not done too badly


According to Femi Adesina, spokesman of the president, Buhari said this in London Sunday while receiving a delegation of the Buhari Diaspora Support Organisation.

President Buhari should not shy away from informing the world that his administration has failed in guaranteeing the safety of lives and property; that under his watch, our dear nation has become one of the most insecure countries to live in; bloodletting, violent attacks and sectorial crisis have become the order of the day; insurgents and marauders are having field day pillaging innocent citizens while our land has practically transformed into a large funeral palour.

The statement reads: "I am happy that people like you are here, on your own, defending the country".

"The failure of some of the leadership we had in the past led to our not being able to capitalise on resources to improve the lot of the people".

President Buhari has blamed those who he referred to as wicked people for stealing Nigeria's money and keeping the people poor.


He commended members of the Buhari Diaspora Support Organisation for deciding to identify with the country when they could have stayed overseas where they are comfortable.

Buhari said his administration had not done badly considering that it met the country "without savings and the economy badly vandalised".

We urge President Buhari to resist the temptation of seeking to impress world leaders with false performance indices, but should present the real situation, particularly the pitiable state of our economy, escalated insecurity, human rights abuses, daily bloodletting, persecution of opposition and erosion of democratic values in the last three years.

"You could nearly grow food on our roads, as they were abandoned".

"I wonder how all those things could have happened to our country", the President said.

He commended the organisation for deciding to identify with the country, "when you could have stayed here and be comfortable".

Responding, Charles Sylvester, coordinator of the organisation, said the group was happy with the achievements of Buhari's administration.

He said: "You met a hard situation, but you have overcome majority". It shows you as a worthy General.

President Buhari who came to power in 2015, announced last week Monday, that he plans to seek reelection in 2019. Majority of Nigerians are happy. You are a General who does not fear combat, either with Generals or non-Generals.

"Many of us who supported him actually supported his incorruptible and disciplined personality. You are fixing the faulty foundations of our country and the second term is when you will build the enduring structure", he added.