Carey tells of bipolar battle


Carey said the medication is having a positive effect and is not making her feel too exhausted or sluggish. "She was followed by waitresses with more sparklers and Champagne".

Mariah Carey is working on a memoir.

Carey hired Stopler, who had previously been a standup comedian, in 2013.

Bulochnikov is reportedly seeking damages and interest, alleging that she is owed money because she was sacked in the middle of a three-year contract.

The source added: "Stella was all smiles from beginning to end".

'She's practically moved in with Mariah and now she has so much stuff on her that she can get her to do anything.

MARIAH Carey has said she is no longer living in "denial and isolation" after being treated for bipolar disorder.

Stolper is said to have been the "go-to person" during Carey's engagement to Australian business magnate James Packer.

But Elusive Chanteuse dropped Stolper like a hot potato in November 2017 when she signed to JAY-Z's Roc Nation.

This is when she is understood to have dropped Stella from her immediate team.

"[Mariah's] cleaning house. She is getting legitimate people, assistants, a lawyer, and Stella is not happy about it".

In a statement, the pair announced it " is in their mutual best interest to part ways on day-to-day management".

Mariah's publicist previously denied that Stella's dismissal had anything to do with creative director and boyfriend Brian Tanaka.

The "Hero" hitmaker parted ways from Stella Bulochnikov in November 2017 and now the businesswoman has filed a summons in a NY court, which revealed she is planning to sue the 48-year-old singer for alleged breach of contract, violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, and a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

She said she recently sought treatment after years of upheaval in her professional and personal life.