John Cena and Nikki Bella End Their Engagement & Split Up


"Whereas this choice was a tough one, we proceed to have a substantial amount of love and respect for each other", the couple mentioned.

The professional wrestlers got engaged in April 2017 on live TV during a couple's match.

John Cena is mourning more than the death of his own relationship with Nikki Bella.

While Cena was doing promotional work in March he spoke with Us Weekly and discussed the trails and tribulations that come with being in a relationship and how it takes a lot to mesh two completely different lives.

"Relationships are onerous. Don't ever assume that love is straightforward".

During an appearance on the Today show last month, Cena opened up about his relationship with Bella, revealing that he made his then-girlfriend sign a "crazy agreement" before they moved in together - and she did it "totally without question".

I am guessing that the break-up will be featured on Total Bellas. You either jump ship and start a new relationship or move forward and try to work through it. Both of them are working on other projects at the moment.

"I was very abrasive and stern, and she had to sign this insane agreement to come to the front door", he explained. "We haven't yet jumped ship".

Sometimes it can be hard for a couple to stay together no matter how much people are rooting for them.