We Now Know Who Actually Bought Stuff From Russell Crowe's Divorce Auction


Oliver also said the show didn't buy any other items, before again reneging, and showing that Last Week Tonight actually obtained multiple other Crowe-based items at the celebratory divorce auction. "But if they are going to give it to us a blockbuster video in Alaska ..."

Between the James Comey interview, USA airstrikes in Syria, and Paul Ryan's decision to not seek reelection, John Oliver had a lot of material to work in last week's packed news cycle, but the Last Week Tonight host was particularly stuned by President Trump's use of a very infamous phrase.

So what's the connection to Last Week Tonight?

Crowe threw a big-ticket auction last weekend to celebrate his recent divorce from wife Danielle Spencer, putting a whole bunch of his belongings, including movie memorabilia and musical instruments, under the hammer.

Years after the video rental franchise that once boasted more than 6,000 stores across the US shuttered majority, Blockbuster has reportedly been able to stay open in Alaska due to spottier internet service there, making it harder to stream movies on services like Netflix.

The presenter displayed his purchase on the desk, asking, "Are you not entertained?".

Oliver said the final remaining Blockbuster had 48 hours to contact the show, and all the Crowe items would be theirs for display.

"To the manager of the only remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska at 5600 Debarr Road #5 ... all of this s- is yours", Oliver said.