Commonwealth Games: 20 great photos form Gold Coast 2018


Traditional Aboriginal dancers are seen performing a "Welcome to Country" ceremony with athletes at Jezzine Barracks before the 2018 Commonwealth Games 8 April: Gibraltar swimmer Matt Savitz glides through the water during the men's 100m butterfly heats 7 April: As the sun dips behind the clouds, beach volleyball player Chris Gregory of England lines up a serve against Cyprus 9 April: England's Nile Wilson claimed silver in the men's parallel bars final.

During Seven's coverage, a "furious" Griggs and Basil Zempilas told viewers the network did not control the broadcast and that it had been arranged that athletes would be in place before the screening began. "Not us", she wrote, an hour before the ceremony had even finished.

They have seen athletes strive to exceed expectations and, in giving their best performances, they have made their home countries proud.

"Unfortunately tonight, the organising committee, together with the host broadcasters, just didn't get it right".

It was India's best ever performance showing in a games overseas.

'These athletes. were part of a team that had a training camp in Warwick before getting to [the] Gold Coast, ' he said in a statement last week.

Speaking to media over the disastrous closing ceremony, Commonwealth Games Chairman Peter Beattie said, "If the athletes didn't come into the stadium until the broadcast time they would have been stuck in a field or a paddock somewhere".

The organisers of the 21st edition of Commonwealth Games have issued a public apology for conducting a shambolic closing ceremony which drew flak from many sporting organisations and officials.

"Back in the day of Sydney 2000, Dick Ebersol of the NBC network was able to overturn the host city agreement and the IOC Charter by insisting that the athletes not be permitted to be in the stadium watching the ceremony prior to the Parade of Athletes". All our sportspersons gave their best and played very well. The captivating stories, and unparalleled performances have brought a new meaning to the words "Commonwealth Athlete". In both, the Gold Coast and the people of Australia have been wonderful hosts and have generated a fantastic atmosphere from the start of the Queen's Baton Relay to this, the closing c ceremony.

Simmone Bernetzke said she was completely surprised when a friend told her the athletes arriving to the stadium was not shown on screen.

In related news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated India's contingent at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, saying that the competitors will motivate more youngsters to pursue sports.

"If we'd left that briefing room with any other indication given to us that no athletes would feature, then of course we would have made other arrangements to capture those moments".

Holmes worked as a sports presenter for Channel Seven from 1998 to 2000. "We got that wrong".

"I don't get why you're apologising Mr Beattie, because to be really honest you don't know what's going on behind the scenes of television production".