Deadline to register to vote in May primary is Monday, April 16


A television advertising campaign has been launched to persuade ordinary people that their votes will count - a challenging task after a disputed presidential election in 2014.

"We've made it easy to register to vote in Kentucky with, and we are extremely proud of the portal's success".

For Kentuckians who are 17 years old, but will be 18 on or before the November 6 General Election are able to register and vote in the upcoming Primary.

"We are trying very hard to increase the confidence of the public, to increase the legitimacy of the elections", Sayad said.

Four national youth organisations have advised young people to ensure they are on the voting register before the May 8th deadline so they can vote in the upcoming abortion referendum.

Kentucky voters must be registered by April 23, in order to vote in the May 22 primary.

Not have been adjudged "mentally incompetent".

Residents aged 18 or over on polling day can vote in these elections if they are a British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth, or European Union citizen and have registered to vote in Cambridge. This deadline is also in place for voters who need to change their information. The deadline to change party affiliation for the primary election has already passed, although voters can cast ballots in non-partisan races.

Voters who changed their party affiliation after December 31, 2017, may still vote for their candidate (s) of choice in the November General Election.