Google reportedly testing new iPhone X-like navigation bar


According to the "Korea Mobile Internet Industry Report 2017" published last month by the Korea Mobile Internet Business Association, Google Play accounted for around 60.7 percent of mobile app content sales a year ago, with most of the revenue coming from mobile games.

Keep in mind that this isn't simply a change in the default icons at the bottom of your screen.

At the start of the year, a Google Streetview mini-game inside the firm's developer lab included a cryptic image of a pineapple cake, while a tweet about the company's developer conference in May - known as Google I/O - saw the logo turn into something that looked awfully like a pineapple. What remains is a hollowed out back button and a pill shaped horizontal bar that may emulate the functionality of the virtual home button on the iPhone X.

However, 9to5Google had previously heard whispers from a reliable source that Google was testing an upward swipe on an iPhone X-style strip to trigger multitasking. This is interesting because it means that the old behavior is still there, and you can even access the device's default assistant by long-pressing on the home button this way. However, swiping up on the pill will bring up a new multitasking interface that scrolls horizontally instead of vertically.

The back button would also purportedly disappear whenever it is not in use, like when users are on the homescreen.

As we've noted before, the most obvious change with the new navigation system is that it will abandon the square "Recents" button entirely. Originally spotted by 9to5Google, the screenshot, which has since been removed, suggests that the next iteration of Android may borrow key gestures from the iPhone X. In other words, Android P is taking inspiration from more than just Apple's notched display.

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