Man faces 29 charges of sexual assault on daughter in Kildare court


According to the prosecution, the girl was taken to Shankar's house on July 10, 2013 for treatment of her backache through "jhada" (a form of witchcraft).

"The victims in these incidents were customers at the spa and were allegedly sexually assaulted by an employee while receiving massages", said Surrey RCMP.

The man, from the Penpedairheol area, was later charged with two counts of assault and two public order offences and released on bail to appear in court at a later date.

That same night, a man told police he was assaulted earlier in the day by two other males while leaving a local shopping mall with his girlfriend. Police said he retreated into the residence and refused commands to exit. "While officers have identified a suspect in the 2016 incident, only one of the two suspects in the 2018 incidents has been identified".

A third party reporting system will allow victims to report a sexual assault offense to a partnership agency in the community that will pass the information on to police, without naming the victim.

A victim report states Cornejo used persuasion and physical force to have sex with her in January 2017 after she repeatedly said no, making it clear she didn't want to engage in any sexual acts with him.

The Sheriff's Office asked anyone who knows or finds anything to contact detectives at 707-565-2185.