Three Area School District Budgets Go Before Boards Of Education Tonight


The board only has a couple meetings before the school year wraps up. Monroe is considered one of the best vocational schools in the nation because it gives students a chance to earn the certificates they need to enter the workforce.

School board members were elected to make tough decisions as well as easy ones, and whether residents agree or disagree with what transpired on Monday, it's clear that all nine board members approached their duty regarding this project responsibly.

Superintendent Hank Stopinski said he did not have an estimate of the impact for a home valued at $100,000 with this increase to the tax levy because the 2018-2019 assessments have not been completed yet.

While the trio said that the traditional method of learning, i.e. reading and writing, is still very important, they also maintain that this kind of hands-on approach will better prepare their students for a future where STEM (science, technology, engineering and match) jobs, like computer programming and software development, will be in high demand. She is not exactly sure what that would entail. The two candidates with the most votes will appear on the November ballot. The package includes two new elementary schools - one to the far east on Josey Lane and one in Old Town on Mill Street where the Purnell Support Center sits.

Lee/Lenox Chief Administrative Officer Christopher Ketchen has said he believes the town can afford the 3 percent hike. She said she spent "hours and hours" in meetings with Monroe teachers and that many of their protests have been brushed off as "well, they're not going to be happy with change".

Rogers also addressed LISD's stance on arming teachers, a question which has been raised frequently in the wake of the shooting in Parkland County, Florida in February.

According to the presenters- including teachers Bobbi Roque Hornik, Mandy Wamboldt and principal Wanda Einarson - a makerspace is a combination of a science lab, woodshop, computer lab and art room, that encourages students to approach problem solving in a completely different way. "We both had about a month to take the information in", Stopinski said. Ellis confirmed both are untrue. She said there will be more space in practically every area.

"We will continue to look at this", Ellis said. "It is something they can take past post high school as they go into restaurants or when they purchase their own food at the grocery store and understanding how much food to purchase and how much food to consume and not waste and that is large issue I know right now in the country that we are purchasing a lot of food and then a lot of food is getting wasted".

There is expected to be new safe schools funding this year from the state and/or federal government, but the details are still being worked out, Superintendent Frank Gallagher said.

He said, "We have to start building trust. So just the building of that environmental consciousness at a young age I think will help tremendously with these students".