United States says California rejecting proposed border duties for troops


California has rejected a plan by the federal government to send the state's National Guard troops to the border, two USA officials told The Associated Press.

California has rejected the Trump government's initial strategies for National Guard troops at the nation's border with Mexico, asserting that that the task is tightly tied to immigration authorities.

California's Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who has repeatedly come from President Trump's political crosshairs, obtained rare compliments against your president a week after which he agreed to setting up four hundred troops at the National Guard's big border mission as 2006. Those states' troops will allow the Border Patrol to devote more resources to law enforcement by participating in activities such as aviation support, monitoring surveillance video and clearing brush.

Ron Vitiello, the acting deputy commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, said Brown had declined the initial roles put forward for Guardsmen.

California is at the forefront of what opponents call the "Resistance" to Trump's administration, with the heavily Democratic state suing the federal government over numerous issues, including the rollback of environmental regulations. The state informed federal officials that its troops will not be allowed to fix vehicles, operate remote surveillance equipment, operate radios, or provide other "mission support" to border agents.

Brown was clear last week that California troops will help go after drugs, guns and criminal gangs, but not immigrants.

"California Governor Jerry Brown is doing the right thing and sending the National Guard to the Border".

California National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Thomas Keegan said Monday that the state was awaiting a formal response from the administration and had no additional details beyond the governor's proposed agreement released last week that includes a ban on immigration enforcement. "The Arizona National Guard will deploy 225 members of the Guard today to support border security measures", the state militia said in a statement.

Vitiello said the federal government wanted 237 troops for work in two parts of the state that California "has indicated they will not perform", but he emphasized that California may participate in other ways that must still be worked out.

Boundary nation governors have affirmed Trump's plans to set up the National Guard to the border. General Daniel R. Hokanson, the National Guard Bureau's vice chief.