Amazon launches International Shopping in app


The global shopping feature will display pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, with Amazon managing courier service and customs clearance in case of potential surprises at the time of purchase or delivery. They can further customize their experience by setting their preferred language and currency. However, the addition could make Amazon's shopping app genuinely useful in regions where it was previously little more than a curiosity.

The ability to order these products is available through the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android systems and includes all costs associated with worldwide deliveries, including shipping prices and import duties. Customers who already have the Amazon Shopping App simply need to go into their settings within the app, choose the "Country & Language" option and select "International Shopping" in the country picker. At launch, Amazon International Shopping Experience comes with support for five languages - English, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish - and 25 different currencies.

Samir Kumar, VP of Amazon exports and expansion, said the experience solves a big gripe of overseas customers finding products they wish to purchase, only to discover that they are not shipped outside the United States.

Expanding Amazon's US marketplace to global markets could be a boon for the retail giant. Amazon said worldwide shopping is available in more than 100 countries, but didn't specify which ones are still off-limits. Furthermore, language and local currency can be chosen for an even simpler shopping experience. Amazon for years has prioritized customer convenience, which makes its efforts to help people more easily move their shipments through customs a key feature of its updated service.