Redskins hosted underrated OG for visit ahead of 2018 National Football League draft


He is not the player to lead them out. Mayfield is a fiery playmaker who can thrive outside the pocket; Rosen is a pure pocket passer with flawless mechanics. Baker Mayfield, to me, is off the charts in all those areas. "I've heard people who seem very convinced, in who they've talked to and what they know, that Baker Mayfield is the guy". If they feel they want the first pick of all the quarterbacks - they can try to trade up. Benjamin Albright, an analyst I trust more than most, has linked the Jets to Mayfield often. There are other needs on the team such as wide receiver and pass rusher, but solving the quarterback problem is at the top of Maccagnan's priority list. If there's a hang-up with Mayfield, it's that he's only a shade above 6-feet tall.

"Josh Allen could be a superstar".

Even if Philadelphia can't really afford to trade more draft picks since they're already without a second and third rounder this year, unexpected surprises happen all the time.

It's looking likely that Saquon Barkley will land in one of two places in the 2018 NFL Draft: New York or Cleveland.

Despite the dysfunction, the Giants actually picked the right time to finish a season with the second-worst record in the NFL.

What I'm hearing: The same. "I got what I needed to get done, showed some of the athletic ability I was talking about and the explosion, especially on the jumps".

Danny Kelly of The Ringer also has the 49ers going with Edmunds No. 9, a pick after the Bears took Smith.

Could Darnold fall to the Jets? Wouldn't that be something? If Josh Allen goes first, the guess here is the Giants take Sam Darnold at No. 2. Darnold is visiting the Giants on Tuesday before he moves west to Florham Park. I think one of the teams mentioned before could draft him in round one.

"I would have him in that range with Mason Rudolph and Kyle Lauletta", McShay said.

What about trading up? However, it may be one the Jets are willing to take a gamble on. There are a bunch of really good quarterback prospects in this draft class, and Cleveland could go in a number of different ways when they kick off the draft next Thursday. "But I will say this: He was a little too quiet for my liking this past year". "Guys you'll hit on, guys that don't pan out, that's part of the process".

That's what I think the Giants will do, at least today. In accordance to that fact, the running back often averaged about 15 rushes per-game - far less than a normal National Football League work-horse back.