Palestinians hold protest on International Palestinian Prisoners day


The most effective form of solidarity with our mass mobilizations includes urging governments and institutions to ban all trade with and divest from companies implicated in Israel's illegal settlements and other violations of Palestinian human rights.

"The problem", he added, "is of course if you want to be a serious state - and we are already 70 years old - you can expect to maintain some tradition". Of the 14.5 million Jews worldwide, over 6.5 million Jews live in Israel today. "And I'm very fortunate that I made it". "After exhausting all other options, I decided there was no choice but to resist these abuses by going on a hunger strike", he wrote in his latest New York Times op-ed. The report by the Jewish People Policy Institute notes the widening gap between world Jewry and Israel, and promotes an emphasis on shared interests and the creation of joint projects. Taking the IDF by surprise, they made many territorial advances deep into the Sinai and Golan Heights inflicting heavy casualties.

Israel said on Wednesday it had found explosives hidden in a Palestinian truck that were due to be smuggled from the occupied West Bank and used in an attack on the Jewish state's Independence Day.

Independence Day celebrations begin on Wednesday night, as the country transitions from Memorial Day - 24 hours of mourning for its fallen soldiers and terror victims. Places of entertainment shut down and TV and radio stations broadcast war stories and melancholic music.

The Palestinians have been marking the Prisoners Day on April 17 every year since 1974, the day when more than 6,000 Palestinian prisoners rallied in Israeli prisons and detention camps. Hopefully in the next 70 years, future American Presidents will keep and enhance the attractive friendship and alliance between America and Israel.

Schumer also said that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement targeting Israel poses an acute threat.