Facebook Adds Privacy Settings To Comply with Strict EU Rules


On Friday, a German data privacy regulator said it was opening non-compliance procedures against Facebook in relation to the data leak to the consultancy, Cambridge Analytica, that was exposed a month ago.

But the ACLU argues that users don't have full control over their information. When collecting data from users who gave their consent, apps were also allowed to grab data of their friends who had no idea about it.

The looming deadline of GDPR has many companies scrambling to prevent paying the hefty fines of failing to comply, and Facebook is not alone in its efforts to evade the financial consequences of any infractions.

"Everyone - no matter where they live - will be asked to review important information about how Facebook uses data and make choices about their privacy on Facebook", the company said in a blog post.

The audit ended in February 2017, while Facebook's own testimony showed that it became aware of the misuse of user data by Cambridge Analytica back in 2015. Regarding the statement, "Facebook has an obligation to inform me if my personal information is lost or stolen", those who agreed or strongly agreed rose from 48 percent last year to 73 percent this year. His company signed a data-licensing contract with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica in 2014 and supplied it with psychological profiles linked to USA voters.

Following a Freedom of Information Act Request, the Electronic Privacy Information Center obtained a copy of the most recent audit, conducted in April 2017 by Pricewaterhousecoopers.

In that context, it might seem offensive to discuss the travails of a social media company and service that billions of us use and that many of those same billions disdain.

"It [Facebook] would have been required to notify law enforcement within 5 days and consumers within 30 days", according to Schakowsky's commentary. Online political ads are also being targeted.

As a whole, Americans are more tolerant of hate speech than others in the world; however, this does not, and should not, permit Facebook to turn a blind eye to the copious amounts of hate speech the Black community, and other vulnerable communities experience on Facebook.

The impact of Russian interference in the USA presidential election is still being assessed.

"Social media sites aren't a threat to national security; hostile foreign powers are".

Facebook has revealed that it tracks users who are not logged in to the network and even those who have not signed up to the social media platform. Furthermore, questions are still being raised whether Facebook's structure and market share constitute a monopoly, an issue raised by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Many companies are experimenting with cryptocurrencies as a business model and a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. The commentary has not found well with the SC senator as he spoke of the automotive industry and how there is great competition that is not present in the industry in which Facebook reigns supreme.