"Westworld" recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1


Now, it has been announced that if Season 1 of Westworld was called 'The Maze, ' then Season 2 will be known as 'The Door' according to the Hollywood Reporter.

While there certainly will be many plot twists just like before, one of the main themes for Season 2 is the struggle between humans and hosts as the hosts start to realize what they are and how they have been used. In most shows that would count as a pretty automatic death. But no matter which one you're viewing, times have changed. Both humans and hosts alike experienced these shifts in time, most notably Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard. The disarray. We choose to see the spoilers-through the first season of Westworld-contained in this post.

We found out that Dolores was originally the murderous Wyatt, that she killed Arnold, and that Bernard is a host replica of Arnold. The men who once would've overpowered her or taken her captive in another loop are now following her command and fighting for her.

'If you work 16 hours and you're a woman, it's the same 16 hours that you work if you're a man.

Maeve was acting of her own free will when she chose to nix her escape plan. Joy discussed the return of Thor: Ragnarok star Thompson, revealing: "She is back and causes trouble".

Maeve uses her newfound understanding of the world to escape the park, but just as she is about to leave by train, she decides to go back into the park and search for her daughter. Sometimes the time shifts were experienced through Dolores' eyes, like when she recalled her sessions with the real Arnold. "But she's a robot so how the f**k she going to do that?"

How did William become the Man in Black?

Season one never ventured beyond Westworld and the Delos offices - so will we see the rest of this future world in season two? It was one of the season's biggest reveals when viewers learned that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) isn't a human but another one of Ford's super-secret creations.

However, we know that Westworld is a completely different beast.

Of course, the first question on all of our minds heading into the new season revolved around that cliffhanger finale.

Sound eerily familiar? You may recognize Nolan's quote from Season 1. Stay tuned for more info. There will be 10 episodes total in Season 2. Jonah [Nolan] was like, 'Can you learn to play this?' He told me the night before. They're sitting there, literally being objectified, treated as objects to be operated on and talked about while they're right there in the room. In season 1, it was a rich person's fantasy as guests influenced the lives of the hosts around them while Ford operated on another level to enact Arnold's original plan in his own way.

Now that the hosts are in control, these violent delights have violent ends-and well, that sight is a wonder to behold.

Returning Sunday for its second season, HBO's Westworld is a sci-fi Western thriller about a technologically advanced amusement park populated by semi-self-aware androids and packed with philosophical, theological, technological and phantasmagorical mysteries and revelations.