Amazon starts delivering to auto trunks


The company announced an expansion of its Amazon Key in-home delivery service that now lets Prime members get packages deposited in their cars at no extra cost. Amazon will notify you when your package is delivered. When an Amazon delivery driver needs to drop off a package, they can connect to your lock via Amazon's cloud to unlock the door.

For concerned customers, Amazon disclosed that it doesn't give the deliverer any special access or keys to the auto and will immediately let the shopper know when his or her vehicle has been relocked. "Amazon and eBay are unwittingly making the availability of the latest electronic attack tools freely available to anyone and on a next-day-delivery basis". You don't have to be signed up for the door program to use the auto delivery program.

Amazon Key In-Car Delivery requires a 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle.

"In the off chance should something happen, whether it's during the delivery or after the delivery, the service is backed by the Amazon happiness guarantee so we would always make it right for the customer", Amazon Spokesperson Alyssa Bronikowski said. Customers can track when their auto was unlocked and relocked via the app's activity feed; they also have the ability to rate the in-car delivery. Now the tech giant is hoping customers will give them similar access to their cars. Cars need to be parked outside, within two blocks of a physical delivery address. An alert is sent to customers when the process is completed. Receiving a package securely and reliably in your auto, without you having to be there, is something we think many people will appreciate.

To check eligibility and to sign up for Amazon Key In-Car, visit You'll also need to include a description and image of the vehicle to help them find it. "It won't tell them where their next delivery is until that happens", said Shrivastava.

Head to Amazon's In-Car delivery page for more information or to sign up. Customers can track when their auto was unlocked and relocked in the App's activity feed, and rate their in-car delivery. The service is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 USA cities. And there are quite a few of those.

Yet even with Amazon's assurances, the service will likely still be met with skepticism by some consumers.

The other caveat is that only certain cars are now compatible, because of how this works. The move could also be a way for Amazon to get consumers used to the idea of package delivery inside personal spaces and act as a stepping stone towards in-home delivery.

Rafiq, who previously worked at Amazon, said Volvo might take the collaboration beyond the US and into services beyond package delivery.

The Daily Caller News Foundation conducted its own search of Amazon and found a number of items for purchase that market themselves as tools to help vehicle owners stuck in a jam but can easily be appropriated for more nefarious intentions.

It isn't Amazon's first alternative delivery site. Packages can put in the vehicle's trunk or out of plain sight.

"We were really happy with the response to in-home delivery". It was a day that included piano lessons, two soccer games, grocery shopping, a hair cut and an eye appointment.

Amazon has recently announced new ways of deliveries and the latest involves putting packages in vehicle trunks. Tens of millions of packages are stolen each year.

The service does require access to your auto, which some customers may obviously be reluctant to grant. "They don't have to worry about being home". For those preferring one-hour delivery, a fee of $7.99 will apply.