Buhari lands in Abuja after visit to Trump, technical stopover in London


Following his arrival in the US on Sunday, he visited the Blair House at Washington D.C. and held a bilateral meeting with President Trump on Monday at the White House.

"The PDP invites Nigerians to note that President Buhari left the United States 48 hours ago and embarked on an unofficial visit to United Kingdom for undisclosed reasons without transmitting a letter to the National Assembly".

He observed that Buhari had disappointed opponents who he said were hoping that the visit would be a flop, saying that, "President Buhari, to the disappointment of this group, delivered a calm, brilliant performance".

During the press conference, Trump also raised the issue of the killings of Christians, in an apparent reference to the April 24 attack on a central Nigerian church where 18 people, including two priests, were murdered. "We're going to be working on that problem - because we can't allow that to happen", President Trump said.

"But we give Nigeria well over $1 billion in aid every year, and we have already started talking with the president about taking down the trade barriers - very substantial barriers to the United States trading with Nigeria". He instead turned his attention to the task at hand and at the end, came home satisfied that he got everything he wanted from the U.S government. Some key remarks made by President Trump on our President sum this up.

Trump also appeared to tie US support for Nigeria and other African countries to their backing for the joint US-Canada-Mexico bid to host the football World Cup in 2026.

According to him, Buhari used a smaller aircraft which he said could only cover 12 hours and 40 minutes.

"The President expressed appreciation for these and requested additional support to counter-insurgency".

"Expectedly, President Trump said yes to this, and, additionally promised the sale of helicopters and about just everything President Buhari wanted". "Mr Thrump was emboldened by thousands of negative calls/petitions received by the White House on Buhari and a loud mammoth White House anti-Buhari protests by IPOB, and in his combative defensive mode, before Buhari could unfold his game plan, if he ever had any, confronted him on several fronts, including religious tolerance, human rights abuses, and failed economic policies".

"On security, the Nigerian delegation was pleased from the onset that the Trump administration had agreed to the major sale of military equipment to Nigeria".