IPhone 7, 7 Plus Have a Microphone Problem


All is not well at Apple which facing issues with one its most priced devices-iPhone X. The company has sold almost 50 million units of the device since its launch in November 2017 and according to recent reports, iPhone X has become the world's best selling device in the first quarter of 2018. While these features helped the company to attract customers, it also made it hard for the service centers to perform repairs on the device. While this issue doesn't appear to widespread, you should have your iPhone X looked at if you've experienced Face ID problems recently. Apple has reportedly acknowledged the issue and is instructing Apple Stores and Authorized Apple Service Providers to replace the handset with a new unit. provided if preliminary repairs do not fix the issue.

As BGR notes, the TrueDepth camera system is responsible for Face ID on the iPhone X, but this technology actually lives within the mobile device's notch.

It's hard to see how a rear camera failure could lead to issues with Face ID given its location.

What does the rear camera have to do with Face ID?

What is unusual is that to resolve the problem technicians are to perform a rear-camera fix.

Apple Stores and other authorized service providers have received instructions on how to handle the problem devices.

If a customer's device is experiencing problems with Face ID, technicians are advised to perform a rear camera fix.

Users have taken to Reddit to explain that soon after buying their iPhone X, both the rear camera and Face ID stopped working at the same time.

Yes, it might sound a bit weird initially, but Apple is now repairing rear cameras which is technically fixing the rear cameras. If some specific error messages appear, it will be possible to proceed with fix or replacement, even if the phone is no longer under warranty.

In due course, the consumer had got his device replaced using the newest apparatus by an Apple Store.

It says that the faceID tech can be fixed if the rear camera is working fine.