Microsoft's Adding New Developer Opportunities to Teams, Power BI


The two companies are working together on a new SDK for Windows 10, AI solutions, and more. Developers can create solutions that use Azure Machine Learning services and take advantage of the hardware acceleration available via the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform and Qualcomm AI Engine. Second, Microsoft's Edge browser on iOS will soon be able to access Timeline.

At Build 2018, Microsoft has today announced that it is bringing support for Windows Timeline to Android and iOS later this year.

Microsoft may have killed its Xbox Kinect video game sensor in 2017, but the body-tracking device has since been reborn as a business tool. Data is being collected from aerial and ground sensors and analyzed using artificial intelligence models running on the Azure IoT Edge platform.

In addition to the above, Microsoft is also looking to bring the power of Azure DevOps services to Github customers. It's open-sourcing the Azure IoT Edge runtime, and it's also bringing Azure Cognitive Services to IoT Edge, starting with Custom Vision.

Microsoft has also updated its Bot Framework, which when combined with its new Cognitive Services updates, will enhance the next generation of conversational bots.

Azure, if you're not familiar, is Microsoft's cloud computing service, and the star of Microsoft's show this year.

Monday at Microsoft Build 2018, Microsoft Corp.'s annual developer conference, Microsoft leaders showcased new technologies to help every developer be an AI developer, on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and across any platform.

Microsoft also is making available a limited preview of Project Brainwave "on the edge", officials said today.

Office 365 is a core pillar of Microsoft's future which is why it is no surprise to see the company announcing new features this week. Mashable's Raymond Wong will be sharing live updates before and during the event.

According to Microsoft, the revenue share will be upped to 95:5 in favor of the developer on all applications sold through the store on consumer Windows 10 devices - which includes Mobile, PC's, Windows Mixed Reality and the Surface Hub.

Microsoft is enabling any developer to reach and engage new audiences with Sets, an easier way to organize your information and get back to what you were doing.