SNL Monstrously Spoofs Kanye With 'A Quiet Place' Parody


The rapper, fashion designer, and Mr. Kardashian has stirred the pot with his public support of President Donald Trump (totally his prerogative) and his more questionable commentary on slavery being a choice.

After all the headlines Kanye West made in the past week, it was inevitable that SNL would address the rapper's antics, and the show did just that in a sketch called "A Kanye Place", a parody of the current hit horror film A Quiet Place.

"A Kanye Place" focuses on five friends trying to remain quiet to avoid being killed by monsters who mangle anyone who emits noise. But when Glover started reading Kanye's tweets about supporting Donald Trump, it proved way too much for silence.

But even as they were sucked into the trees, Glover, Bryant and Bennett were unable to look away from West's Twitter account, noting he just released a new track.

But Glover can't shut up about tweets he's reading on his phone by Kanye.

Kanye West not only got people talking with his tweets, he got them screaming so loud the monsters ate them. Kenan Thompson's character finally says breaking the quiet. "We should only talk about what's important", Bryant said. The skit, appropriately titled "A Kanye Place", concludes with Glover hiding safely in a bunker watching West's controversial interview on TMZ. And thus by reacting, the monsters get what they want. "Jesse. Tyler. Ferguson", Donald Glover added.