Trump Promotes 'America First' Agenda In Ohio


President Trump is set to visit OH on Saturday, where he is expected to tout his tax cuts ahead of the state's key GOP primaries next week in which Republicans will try to keep the governorship and gain a Senate seat.

Trump criticized US immigration policy, saying people entering the USA illegally are taking advantage of "catch-and-release" practices and don't show up for their immigration court dates.

"We may have to close up our country to get this straight", he said, but did not offer more details on the logistics.

"As I said, he's been a fantastic congressman, and I really suspect you're going to be an even more fantastic senator", Trump said.

Trump's long-standing promises for a new wall stretching across the U.S. -Mexico border suffered a blow earlier this year when Congress allocated only $1.6 billion toward border security measures in a trillion-dollar spending bill - billions less than the White House demanded.

Trump also used the occasion to endorse Republican Senate candidate Jim Renacci ahead of tomorrow's primary.

Renacci is hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown, who's running unopposed in Tuesday's primary.

President Donald Trump speaks about tax reform at the Cleveland Public Auditorium and Conference Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Trump is in OH on Saturday to attend a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee, meeting first with high-dollar givers and then addressing a larger group of about 250 donors. Renacci greeted Trump on the tarmac in Cleveland and was seated next to the president at the event. Both are Trump-agenda supporters who have spent a combined almost $10 million since December.

The President was accompanied by local business leaders, who also gave inspirational success stories of their companies positively impacted by the tax law.

Trump won OH in the 2016 election by 8%.