Elon Musk dating Canadian singer Grimes and the Internet can't handle it


During Tesla's earnings call for the first quarter of 2018, company founder Elon Musk provided a special opportunity to a specific shareholder. The Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder is dating Canadian singer Grimes, according to Page Six. The doubtful pair publicly announced their relationship on the red carpet. Elon looked dapper in a black tuxedo jacket with a Papal-style shirt underneath, black pants and a white robe. Although it seems complex, Grimes was three years ahead of the entrepreneur in making the same connection.

Claire Boucher, known professionally as Grimes, has received widespread acclaim for her lip-smacking blend of pop, electronic, indie rock, and noise music.

Earlier on Monday, Musk, 46, tweeted out a pun built on Roko's Basilisk, a futurist thought experiment which warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Rococo Basilisk was one of the characters created by Grimes in 2015 for her video for "Flesh Without Blood".

Musk and Grimes are a new couple on the carpet this year.

Going back to Musk and Grimes's internet meet-cute, the South African billionaire wanted to combine Roko Basilisk with Rococo, the 18th-century European baroque style. "[This character] is doomed to be eternally tortured by an artificial intelligence, but she's also kind of like Marie Antoinette", she explained in an interview at the time. According to Page Six, Musk reached out to Grimes after seeing the video, and she responded by saying it was the first time anyone had got the joke. "They both care for one another, but the timing just isn't right".

Since then, Musk has been openly complimenting Grimes and her work, calling the visuals for her song "Venus Fly" featuring Janelle Monáe the "best music video art I've seen in a while". She began writing music and posting it on MySpace in 2007.

People noted that Musk and Grimes have been giving fans a hint at their romance on Twitter.