JetBlue flight forced to divert after windshield cracks mid-flight


A JetBlue plane's windshield shattered midflight, forcing the flight to be diverted Sunday afternoon, ABC News reported.

The cracks did not cause the plane to lose cabin pressure.

The San Juan flight was headed to Tampa when it was forced to land in Fort Lauderdale.

According to JetBlue Corporate Communications, the diversion of flight 1052 happened "in an abundance of caution" after an outer layer of the cockpit windscreen was damaged. Nobody was hurt and every passenger was transferred to another flight to get where they were originally going. - The plane landed safely at approximately 13:00 local time.

Michael Paluska, a reporter for WFTS, happened to be on the flight during the emergency and filmed flight attendants reacting to the problem.

"There's multiple, multiple layers in the windscreen and it's the outer layer that shattered".

A JetBlue worker tried to calm any worries by saying the passengers were never in grave danger.

Southwest Airlines has had two incidents involving damaged windows in the past month. "As I said, we are at serious risk".