Chris Brown Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault That Happened In His Home


Jane Doe has hired high-powered civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her in the case.

Allred told the press that it is "one of the most horrific sexual assault cases [she has] ever seen". "Our client, Jane Doe, has been severely traumatized by what she was forced to suffer".

Attorney Gloria Allred talks to the media outside the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Los Angeles, California on May 9, 2018 after filing a lawsuit on behalf of a young woman who alleges that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in one of the bedrooms of singer Chris Browns house. This prompted the plaintiff's mother, who had been trying to reach her daughter for hours, to call the LAPD after she used an app to track her daughter's phone to Brown's home. She said that Brown gave her cocaine, molly and marijuana, and then he and his friends took advantage of her while she was under the influence.

Afterward, she details, she took a shower, only to be confronted by Grissom. And as she showered, Doe said Grissom walked into the bathroom and when she tried to leave, he pushed her on the bed and raped her. In the complaint she alleges that he offered up the chance at an after party with Brown at a recording studio, and the women headed to the address he provided. She then goes on to claim that Doe X then forced her into a bathroom where the victim made the gruesome discovery that her face was covered in blood from the woman's period. The woman alleges that a female friend of Brown's forced her to perform oral sex on herself as well as Grissom.

According to the lawsuit, Doe and a then-roommate attended a concert the evening of February 23, 2017, at the 1 Oak club in West Hollywood. She then claims the woman took off her clothes, shoved the victim onto a bed and straddled her face with her crotch, allegedly forcing the victim to have oral sex with her.

The alleged victim is reportedly suing as "Jane Doe" and claiming the incident happened when she went to a party at the singer's house in early 2017.

The site describes the woman as a Jane Doe as it reports that she has entered the case on anonymity.

Brown's attorney did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

This isn't the first time Brown has been accused of assault.

A female friend of his, according to documents obtained by TMZ, allegedly locked her and other women into a bedroom and barricaded the door, the woman claims.

"She does not want any young woman to endure violent sexual assault she was forced to endure in an environment of guns and drugs", Allred said.