FOX Cancels 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' After 5 Seasons


Fox has canceled three comedies, including The Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It's no easy feat to be deemed as one of the most outstanding TV Shows aired to date and, despite its frank take on contemporary policing issues, fans have still found the show immensely enjoyable.

After five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine the series has been canceled by Fox.

But nearly as soon as Fox announced the cancellation, several other networks expressed interest in picking the show up. We don't know anything about what might have been said or discussed on the phone calls, but it seems encouraging for the show to have other networks take some kind of interest. The series about the antics of a Brooklyn Police Department is now in its 5th season on Fox and is also syndicated on several other networks and streaming services including both Showmax, Hulu and Netflix where it is reportedly popular on all three. Though the show was on the bubble toward the end of its fifth season, a passionate section of its fan base made their voices heard via social media.

Other potential homes for Brooklyn Nine Nine include TBS and Netflix. According to the Nielsens, the latest season earned an average of 2.7 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic. While Fox is dumping the show, its season five may not be the show's last. It's the funniest, nicest and most inclusive sitcom on television and it's leaving us too soon, ' tweeted one devastated fan.

Despite the buzz and critical praise, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fame is not reflected quite well in the Nielsens.

The Mindy Project (an incredibly underrated comedy that you should all watch now) was cancelled by FOX back in 2015 after it's third season aired.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" hit the 100th-episode milestone earlier this season, and it has served as the second-longest-running live-action Fox comedy, behind "New Girl".