Boston Dynamic's Dog Robot Can Now Run Autonomously


The engineers at Boston Dynamics have been able to learn to run humanoid robot Atlas, now he can tear off both legs and to run on an incline as well as horizontal. Apart from walking, which we've seen done countless times, the main focus is its hop over a branch.

Atlas' top speed isn't quite National Football League caliber yet, but if Westworld is any indication, a few tweaks to Atlas' attributes should have the bot running 4.3-second 40-yard dashes. It runs through a grassy field and even senses when it is approaching an object.

While it may sound anticlimactic compared to Atlas' flipping capabilities, as with all Boston Dynamics videos, it is thoroughly enjoyable to behold.

"Getting some air, Atlas?" the Waltham-based robotics company titled the video.

Good boy? We certainly hope so.

Boston Dynamics is showing off more of the SpotMini robot's skills. Using cameras on its front, back and sides, SpotMini can map an area and then use that information to navigate through it later on. SpotMini is even able to navigate stairs. Once the operator presses "GO" at the beginning of the video, the robot is on its own.