Cardi B confirms she's having a baby girl with Offset


Although most pregnant celebs typically try to keep the details of their pregnancy under wraps, Cardi actually dished all the deets on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday during her interview with the radio host.

"Do you know what you're having ... what are you having?" "Yes", the rapper replied.

She added, "I spoke to her about it". She repeatedly referred to the baby-to-be as "she". The picture below looks like the exact moment when Cardi said, "See?!"

25-year-old U.S. hip-hop artiste, Cardi B first revealed she was pregnant with her first child by giving away her bump on stage while performing at the variety show Saturday Night Live. That's pretty good for seven months, right? "Because I was born five pounds".

She had also seemingly referenced her child's sex in a pre-Met Gala interview with The New York Times, sharing her baby's current weight. "I don't understand why they do that and why they want to do that". [My dress weighs] about 35 pounds plus baby. And I used to be like, uh-uh, coloured folks, we don't need none of that.

She's revealed her bump during her performance on Saturday Night Live a while back and has now given us the information we've all been dying to hear. Most recently, she addressed people who critique her for being "ghetto" and simultaneously found a solution for them.

Cardi B revealed during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Offset has already named their daughter.

"You know, I'm getting married", she said. "I really like the name". However, when she was prompted about the name of the baby, the momma to be didn't have much to say because, apparently, she didn't choose the name!

'I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding, ' Cardi said.

The rapper told Stern the same when he asked.