Consumer sentiment toward Snapchat drops following redesign


Snapchat's redesign a year ago confused many users.

Earlier this years, Snapchatters exploded in rage following an update which changed everything about their favourite app.

Another Snapchat redesign is in the works and will roll out to iOS users shortly - correcting some of the mistakes and addressing the backlash of the most recent update.

The photo app is releasing an update which will sort Snaps and Chats in chronological order again, rather than arranging them based on the posts it thought readers were most likely to want to see, The Verge reports. Furthermore, Stories from friends have returned to the right-hand side of the app and there's now a separate Subscriptions feed for following popular publishers and creators. Some users complained that they couldn't find Stories from friends with the separation while others said they didn't like how subscriptions were mixed in with Stories from users that they don't yet follow. The company's stock price fell after celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen criticized the app on Twitter too.

More than a million people signed a petition calling for the 2018 Snapchat update to be reversed, and it appears that the company has finally chose to act.

The social media service said its number of daily active users had risen to 191 million, up from 187 million in the last quarter, but the increase was smaller than predicted. At the beginning of the month, the company reported first-quarter earnings and user stats failed to meet analyst expectations.

"We learned that combining watching Stories and communicating with friends into the same place made it harder to optimize for both competing behaviors".

Snap is now rolling out an update to iOS users with some pretty significant changes in tow.

Snapchat has largely stood firm regarding the design, with CEO Evan Spiegel saying people would get used to it over time.