'Minecraft' For Nintendo Switch Can Play With Xbox, PC, Mobile Players Soon


The new version of Minecraft on Switch will be released on 21st June, both physically and digitally, after which date the original version will cease to be sold.

One of the world's most popular video games is getting a major update on one of the hottest game consoles on the market.

It also contains all released content, including the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack exclusive to Nintendo systems and all DLC. Just like with the Better Together Update on Xbox One, the Bedrock version will be made available for free on the Nintendo eShop for those who already own the existing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition of the game.

The way it works is somewhat unprecedented in gaming. After doing that, players can link up with their friends and even earn Xbox achievements in the Switch version of the game. Minecraft is, perhaps, the first and so far only game that has cross-play support on Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, VR, and, soon, Nintendo Switch.

Sony hasn't changed its stance on cross-platform play, so Switch players won't be able to play with their buddies on PlayStation 4.

Starting in September, Switch owners will need to pay a fee to play games online.

Now, the indie developer's latest offering, N++, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, nearly three years after its original release on Sony's PlayStation 4.

N++ features 4340 hand-crafted levels, but you can also play hundreds of user-created levels thanks to the in-built tools.

Nintendo announced Minecraft for the Switch will re-release in stores for physical purchase as well as receive a big update.