Uptick in women's political donations ahead of midterm elections


The lure of three countywide races - two without an incumbent candidate - brought out more Pitt County voters on Tuesday than in 2014, when the last midterm primaries election were held. Trump's appellate nominees were approved by the Senate an average of just 20 days after being voted out of the committee, which is eight times faster than Obama's nominees.

Trump signaled optimism that Republicans would do well in the midterms.

Anyone choosing the Green Party ballot can not vote for any candidates in Republican or Democratic primaries.

In West Virginia, of course, "Cocaine Mitch" happened. But Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper says there was more Democratic participation this year than in the 2016 primary.

Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina are holding primary elections on Tuesday.

Blankenship is the former Massey CEO that was sentenced to one year in federal prison and convicted of conspiring to violate mine safety and health standards at Massey's Upper Big Branch Mine, where 29 miners died in an April 2010 explosion.

Instead, Trump recommended West Virginians vote for the either of the other two major candidates: Congressman Evan Jenkins or West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Late last month, a Republican-backed group, Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution (CPMC), sued to block a proposed constitutional amendment that, if approved by voters, would create a 13-person independent redistricting commission to redraw political maps.

Some of the seats are safely controlled by Republicans and will not be competitive this fall. The event provided a preview of how the Republicans will use Trump to target states and districts that he carried in 2016. Though 88 percent oppose California's main sanctuary measure, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez of Oceanside, who is running for Congress and showed up toward the end of the convention, is one of the remaining 12 percent.

Perhaps Trump's intervention worked. "The guys running for governor, they've gotta look at the whole state and figure out how they're going to get their votes". Morrisey presents an excellent chance for Republicans to pick up this seat, although it's true that Manchin and his Democratic primary opponent got more votes than all the Republicans together. The Democratic Party as a whole is viewed more positively than the Republican Party: 44% have a favorable take on the Democrats, 39% on the Republicans.

The race to the end line will not be exclusively a partisan endeavor - over the course of the first season, the battle has turn out to be as a lot about toppling their Democratic opponent as it's about backing President Trump.

In Indiana, a state that's identified for its "Hoosier hospitality", one of many nation's most bitter and private primaries is coming to a head at this time. Braun funneled about $4.5 million of his own money into the race, in a campaign that saw more than $9 million in combined spending, making it one of the year's most expensive primary races of the year.

Messer represents Indiana's sixth Congressional District, beforehand occupied by Vice President Mike Pence earlier than he grew to become Indiana's governor.

Democrats Kelly Park and Bob Heneage will face off in the primary. Braun said Trump "paved the way" for a candidate who has spent most of his career in business. Messser introduced a resolution calling on Trump to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

For a two-year term in the first district seat, incumbent Commissioner Bill Baxter faces challenges from Terry DeLong and Matt Froehlich.

"We tried to make our marketing campaign in regards to the substance of the Trump agenda", Messer stated in an interview with ABC Information.

During the event in Cleveland, Trump was joined by Rep. Jim Renacci, who won the Republican Senate nomination on Tuesday with the president's endorsement. Democrats are dominant in Sacramento, with super majorities (or near super majorities, depending on who's being investigated) in both houses of the legislature and Dem Jerry Brown in the governor's office.